The Inside Edge

The Inside Edge

Over the past 15 years, thousands have used The Inside Edge to master the skills of 'mental fitness' and perform under pressure.

In this Canadian bestseller, Peter Jensen presents a comprehensive, common sense package of techniques, skills, and mental preparation exercises used by elite athletes to manage themselves under pressure.

Based on Peter’s research into the mental side of performance, and work with Olympic medalists, you’ll learn five skills crucial to your ability to execute when the pressure is on:

  • Tactics for maintaining a healthy perspective
  • Strategies to become actively aware under pressure
  • How to effectively manage your energy level so that you’re not too ‘pumped up’ to get out your best
  • Tools to harness the power of imagination and put it to work in a constructive rather than destructive way
  • The art and science of inventing your own future through visioneering

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The Inside Edge is useful to anyone in an environment where pressure and the need for excellence are equally present - in the fast-paced work world, in juggling family and work responsibilities, in managing stressful personal health circumstances, and, of course, in the world of high-performance sports.

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"Jensen is offering a way to help the rats get through the race and respect themselves the next morning."

– The Globe and Mail
(Editor's Choice)

"Understandable, enjoyable, meaningful. A unique combination from a unique author."

– David Chilton,
Author of The Wealthy Barber

Peter Jensen has a PhD in sport psychology but is not a registered psychologist. He does not practice medicine or psychology and is not a member of a health professional college. Peter Jensen’s work is limited to performance coaching.