Ignite the Third Factor

Ignite the Third Factor
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Over 30 years of working with Olympic coaches and exceptional managers, Peter Jensen has witnessed that the greatest leaders consistently focus on the Third Factor. In introducing the concept of Third Factor Peter takes us beyond the role of Nature and Nurture to examine the role each of us can play in cultivating the desire to be great. How do we, as developers of people, tap into that desire and expand it?

Ignite the Third Factor is your guide to putting this powerful practice to work in your life. Whether you’re at the gym, in the office, or at home with your kids you can learn and master the skills that separate Igniters from the rest.

What is the Third Factor?

What is the Third Factor

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Ignite the Third Factor

Ignite the Third Factor is built around five key areas that Igniters focus on constantly:

  • Managing themselves
  • Building trust
  • Using and encouraging imagery
  • Uncovering and working through blocks
  • Embracing adversity

None of these is more important than consciously focusing on building trust.


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"...Fantastic, practical and of great substance!. This is not a book of forced parallels between sport and business, but rather a recognition that what ‘ignites’ greatness in all of us can be found anywhere by a great leader."

– Shirlee Sharkey, CEO, St. Elizabeth Health Care

"Jensen offers great insight into what is fundamentally important to be an inspiring leader and an effective coach. Whether you are a seasoned business leader, someone aspiring to become one or simply an individual looking for personal growth, Ignite the Third Factor is a very practical book you can put to great use right away."

– Rick George, CEO, Suncor

"The most critical aspect of my Olympic success was my work with Peter."

– Tracy Wilson, Olympic Medalist, NBC Commentator

"In Ignite the Third Factor, Jensen describes what is truly fundamental to inspiring leadership in a simple, direct and practical way. The book is a pleasure to read – and full of ideas that stay with you long after you put it down."

– Charlie Fischer, President and CEO, Nexen Inc.

"If I could have read this book 30 years ago, it would have made me a better leader a lot sooner. It took decades for me to realize that viewing every interaction as an opportunity to help people get better is the key to building a winning enterprise. The funny thing is that, as I read it, I kept thinking how the same principles can be applied to helping your kids develop their potential…and there it was...in the last chapter!"

– Gwyn Morgan, Founding CEO, EnCana

"Ignite the Third Factor is a tremendous playbook that explores deeply the key elements that develop people to their greatest potential and brings high performance to the next level. This is a great gift for anyone who wants to be the best they can be and develop those around them to do the same. Ignite the Third Factor is a book that must be shared with others – re-gifting is certainly encouraged!"

– Linda Morgan V.P. of H.R. and Labour Relations, Reliance Home Comfort

"This book is so easy to read that you forget just how powerful the stuff you are reading is--until you hit one of the many paragraphs that snap your head back and make you say ‘wow, I need to read this again.’ There wasn't a single chapter in the book that didn't leave me with at least one strategy I could put to use immediately."

– Daniele Bertrand, President, Dufflet Pastries

"I have known Peter and watched him work with athletes for 25 years and have seen him use his own grounded self-direction to pull athletes to not only perform but to develop as better people. He is indeed an Igniter."

– Brian Williams, CTV Olympic Host

Peter Jensen has a PhD in sport psychology but is not a registered psychologist. He does not practice medicine or psychology and is not a member of a health professional college. Peter Jensen’s work is limited to performance coaching.